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Close your next deal faster. Bring your Buyers closer
Increase your efficiency.

Boosst is the AI-powered M&A platform that helps Business Brokers and M&A firms optimize operational efficiency, exceed clients' expectations, and solve critical challenges.

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One solution for all your brokerage management needs.

Business brokers trust Boosst to streamline and organize their operations so they can focus on dealmaking.

AI-Client Onboarding

Streamline your workflow with our CIM Automation. Say goodbye to manual processes and paperwork as we guide your clients seamlessly through the onboarding journey, ensuring a swift and hassle-free experience for both brokers and businesses.

Deal Flow Platform

Elevate your deal management with our Deal Flow Platform. Centralize communication, documentation, and progress tracking to keep transactions organized and efficient, enabling you to focus on what matters most – closing successful deals.

New Buyers Databases

Access a vast pool of potential buyers through our Buyers Databases. Leverage detailed profiles and preferences to match businesses with the right audience, enhancing your reach and increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect match.

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Why use a new M&A platform?

Most Brokers struggle with the tedious task of collecting and organizing necessary documents for transactions, consuming valuable time.

Existing platforms lack a fully satisfactory back-office solution for tasks like document handling, Seller CRM management, Buyers CRM management, legal contracts automation, business valuations, and more. 

Business Brokers find it challenging to meet buyer expectations. This becomes a time-consuming task, diverting focus from the sell-side.

Our Top Solutions

Client Onboarding


We've made onboarding simple. An AI-powered CIM analyst tool is designed to integrate businesses' existing financial applications for the best client process.

Due Diligence Management

AI-powered due diligence analyst tool, providing instant access to business health score, forecasts, and market opportunities to better serve your clients.

Business Valuation


Boosst's Valuation Algorithm employs cutting-edge machine learning frameworks, such as PyTorch, for unparalleled accuracy in business valuations.

Legal AI


An AI tool for automated legal document generation, offering accessible legal assistance at a fraction of the cost.

Deal Flow


A CRM that provides businesses, buyers, and brokers a unified interface to find matching deals, analyze business data, and facilitate an end-to-end deal flow.



Access a vast pool of potential buyers through our Buyers databases. Leverage detailed profiles and preferences.

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Your time is priceless.
We made your process simple.

That would be a game-changer for us. And I know other brokers have inquired about that before. I've attended conferences where other brokers have asked this about this.


Quotes from M&A expert 

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At boosst, we believe that selling a business shouldn’t be a hard process. 
We support business brokers every step of the way.


We are backed by the right partner network, now you can choose the right experts to grow your business. 

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Still Scrolling?

Are you a Business Broker?

Boosst is the most cost-effective back-office solution for your business brokerage.

From client onboarding, writing buyer presentations, and financial data entry, to marketing your listing to buyers - we got you covered.

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