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Free valuation & profit analytics for your
eCommerce business 

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How does it works?

Set up your account

Connect your main account with a click. Instantly track your performance in real-time.

Boost your store

Get ready to sell

With our market data, we provide you a free business valuation and profit metrics. 

Our goal is to prepare you for the biggest possible sale of your eCommerce business.

Still Scrolling?

boosst is currently free for the first eCommerce founders. 

Its only takes 1 minute 🙂

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Join 100s of founders enjoying free SaaS valuations and analytics.


Get ongoing free valuation, see your performance with visual analytics and insights.

Why be "exit-ready"? 

Plan to sell, don’t decide to sell. A successful exit starts way in advance. Focus on growing the existing product assortment to maximize revenue as opposed to developing new products.

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Source: Greenhaus

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